Survival Mindset: Preparedness as a Way of Life – Part I

Prepare man with shieldPrepping, survivalism, emergency preparedness, disaster readiness – call it what you will but having the mindset to take care of yourself in good times and bad is the focus of Backdoor Survival. That plus a healthy dose of living strategically and sustainably while having a bit of fun at the same time.

Today I would like to explore the survival mindset and preparedness as a way of life and as a path to self-reliance and independence.


We live in uncertain times. Natural disasters are escalating at an alarming rate, global economies are failing, terrorists are threatening the security of the common man and climate change is affecting the ability of our food chain to provide adequate supplies to the populace. Add to this questionable politics and sneaky corporate policies and we have a recipe for crisis on our hands.

Survival Book 200(Custom)The solution, for many, to these woes is to embrace survivalism. The term “survivalism” is a word that has been around for eons.

Survivalism: An attitude, policy or practice based on the primacy of survival as a value.
. . . from Miriam Webster

Survivalism: The policy of trying to insure one’s own survival or that of one’s social or national group.
. . . from New Oxford American Dictionary

And the person who practices survivalism? That person is typically referred to as a survivalist.

Mention this term to your typical man or woman and you may be looked at with disdain and confusion. After all, aren’t survivalists those Rambo types that live in the woods wearing camouflage clothing and carrying rifles the way the rest of us carry a wallet or pocketbook?

Somewhere along the line, the words Survivalism and Survivalist became dirty words.

To overcome this perception, a more modern term has been coined. A kinder gentler term and one without negative connotations: Prepper.

What specifically is a prepper?

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