BLUE PHOENIX the new money

The Phoenix is an extraordinary mythical creature. At the end of its life when just ashes remain, something magical happens. New life emerges out of something that seems lifeless. What we consider to be the end suddenly transforms into a new beginning.

That’s why we named hour token the BLUE PHOENIX.

It’s now time for that new beginning.

It’s time for a new better world.
A world of peace and happinness.
A world full of empathy, abundance and freedom.

Let’s start with our own money.
And start doing business with that.
Trade with eachother with the BLUE PHOENIX.
Let’s create our own freedom.

No longer should we depend on the banks. Who control our lives with there money.
We no longer need them.

Just start doing what makes you happy.
And look for people who also want to live like that.

Work together, live together, help eachother.
Just to be happy and free.
Make your own rules.

The world we now live in is at it’s end.
It’s time to emerge from it’s ashes.
The colour blue is the hottest of the fires. And that gives a lot of good energy.

When ‘We the people’ decide, that we no longer want to live in stress, dependence, loneliness, hunger, cold, and so on.

But instead we want to live in a world where there is peace and abundance.

Then there is hope.
Hope for a better life, future and world.

Look for people who want to live like that.
Become selfsufficiënt.
Buy a big piece of land together, where there is farmland, woodland and water.
And start building that new free world.

Join your forces.
Look for that healer, carpenter, farmer, and so on.
Everyone has talents and experience in something, and learn from eachother.
Teach your children things that are really usefull in life, how to really be independent.
Make your own little villages.
Work together, share the tools, share those talents.
Make an income together.

Trade with the BLUE PHOENIX token, and just be free.
Just live the life what makes you happy, and the world will already be a better place.

Enjoy your own LoveLightValley.

You can find the BLUE PHOENIX token on


Good news, on May 9 the BLUE PHOENIX went up from 0.000007 to 0.01 XLM.

Start investing NOW!

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